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Aftercare of Hair Transplant

Aftercare procedure or postoperative care is the most important part of any cosmetic surgery, like a hair transplant. If you cant take care of your transplanted hair, the whole procedure will fail. For this, there are some important points that you need to take care of after hair transplant surgery.

Although there are many different hair transplant surgery types in the market, they have mostly the same logic in the basis. A surgeon extracts your hair grafts from the back of your scalp and transplants them into the baldness area. Basically, we can say that they use the same logic but different techniques. However, aftercare of hair transplant is the same in every hair transplant surgery.

Some important points of postoperative care

  • Keeping the transplanted area moist is one of the important points for the aftercare of hair transplant surgery. You must be sure that the area shouldn’t get too wet or too dry.
  • Keeping swelling at a minimum level is a beneficial thing that you can do after hair transplant surgery. For this, you should sleep at a 45-degree angle, particularly the first three.
  • Limiting your exercise is an essential part of the aftercare procedure. You should avoid exercises because you can sweat as a result of heavy exercises, and the transplanted hair may shed as a result of sweating of your scalp.
  • Ice therapy is another thing that you can do after the hair transplant surgery to increase the success rate of the surgery. You may apply ice in the first 12 hours. It makes you feel good and help you to reduce swelling to a minimum.
  • You should avoid washing your hair after surgery till the time will be given by your doctor. When the right time has come you should wash your hair gently.

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