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Washing Hair After Hair Transplant

Aftercare procedure is one of the determinants that affect the success of a hair transplant surgery process. After a hair transplant surgery, you should take good care of your hair strands to get the best result from the surgery. Washin hair is one of the important parts of hair transplant aftercare procedure. We tried to answers your questions about washing hair after a hair transplant surgery in this article.

  • The trick to washing your hair after a hair transplant operation is to be careful with it. Any rubbing, touch with fingernails, or heavy trauma would be detrimental to your transplanted hair and trust me when I say this. You’re not interested in it.
  • The shampoo is another important factor to consider. Your shampoo should be paraben-free and packed with naturally rejuvenating ingredients. When shampooing your hair, always touch your grafts gently and slide your fingers along a vertical plane, never rubbing on them sideways or in a circular motion. Remember, no massaging! After around day 13, you should be able to gently massage your hair to help shed any crusting leftover from the healing process.
  • The best time to wash your hair after hair transplant surgery varies from person to person. When you may rewash your hair after surgery, your surgeon will tell you. However, the best time is normally 2 to 4 days after surgery.

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