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Hair Transplant Aftercare Procedures

Regardless of which method you prefer to restore your hair, you need to pay great attention to hair transplant aftercare procedures. They are all the game for every hair transplant method, and they can affect the results of your operation.

The most important aftercare procedure is feeding your scalp with the recommended products and washing it. Your first one or two washes will be performed by the experts in the clinic. Thus, you will have to visit the clinic after the operation a few times. Here, they will also teach you how to perform your aftercare routine.

How Is Hair Transplant Aftercare Procedure?

The hair transplant aftercare procedure consists of two stages. In the first stage, you need to cover your scalp with a moisturizer recommended by the clinic for 10 to 15 minutes. Later on, you need to wash the scalp with warm water and special medical shampoo. You should avoid pressure and massage your scalp with soft movements.

The second stage includes drying. Instead of rubbing the towel, you need to gently pat the scalp to remove the wetness. You can also apply moisturizer after drying your scalp. It is important to repeat the routine every day for 7 to 10 days. Your clinic will inform you about how long you need to perform this routine.

Recommendations for Hair Transplant Aftercare Procedures

It is quite natural to have swellings in the operation area. Moreover, your scalp will start to itch soon too due to the recovery. You should never peel off scabs that will form on your scalp. This can adversely affect the results of the operation and can leave a scar on the area.

One of the other important things to consider as a part of hair transplant aftercare procedures is your sleeping position. You should avoid contact with the operation areas with any surface for at least two weeks. Your clinic may provide additional equipment to ensure the right sleeping position.

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