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Does Smoking Affect The Success Of The Hair Transplant

It is not essential to state that smoking is harmful to your health because everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking. Smoking has a negative impact on practically every bodily function and is linked to several immune system problems. Is there a link between hair loss and smoking, then? Or, to put it another way, is there a link between hair transplant and the hazards of smoking?

Recall Hair Transplant Procedure

It’s important to understand that transplanted hair is actually real hair, as it’s taken from a donor area of the scalp (typically the back of the head) and implanted on the recipient area.

Transplanted hair takes at least 9 months to properly regrow. During this time, the patient should pay special attention to his hair and prevent harmful habits.

It takes a long time for hair roots to adjust to their new surroundings. More than ever, you should drink plenty of water and eat plenty of healthful fruits. Smoking causes breathing issues by disrupting oxygen circulation inside blood vessels.

Hair Transplant Aftercare Procedure

You should stop smoking and consuming alcohol to avoid your freshly implanted hair from falling out. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body, and if you don’t drink more water than usual, your body won’t get the water it needs. It is always advisable to break these unhealthy habits, not just after your hair transplanting operation, but throughout your life.

If you smoke, your rest period may continue longer than usual. Every three years, hair goes through a normal rest phase that lasts three months. The uneven execution of the rest phase is responsible for a variety of hair losses.

During the recuperation period after a conventional hair transplantation treatment, the transplanted hair falls out fully and regrows. Some may believe that the transplantation has failed, however, this is not the case.

The scalp adapts to the new hair strands and this has nothing to do with the rest phase. To make a connection between the rest phase and hair loss, your hair should reach its final form after at least 9 months of recovery.

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