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Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Hair transplant surgeries are shown as a definite solution to hair loss or baldness problems. But, due to hair transplant surgeries are in the cosmetic surgery types, many health insurances don’t cover the cost of the surgery, so you have to pay the price of the whole procedure. For this, you may wonder what is the price of the hair transplant procedure or is there any place to get a hair transplant for an affordable price. We try to find answers to these questions in this article.

What factors determine the cost of hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant is a process that can be done in many techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction aka FUE, Follicular Unit Transplantation aka FUT, and Direct Hair Implementation aka DHI. All these techniques have the same logic, but they use different techniques and tools to extract and transplant hair follicles to the recipient area.

The cost of the hair transplant surgery can show differentiation between these techniques due to their unique technique and tools. For instance, DHI is the most technologic and relatively new technique and for this reason, it is the most expensive method used in hair transplant with the cost between $3,250 and $13,000.

There is another factor that affects hair transplant surgery cost is the place you undergo hair transplant surgery. You can find a place anywhere on the earth to undergo a hair transplant. But, it is hard to find a place that offers successful results, experienced doctors, and affordable prices at the same time. We highly recommend Turkey for hair transplant surgery because Turkey is known for its high health tourism rate, and many patients leave Turkey with high satisfaction. Turkey offers you European Standards and affordable price due to exchange rate differentiation.

All in all, before you undergo a hair transplant you should know that you have to pay the cost of the whole procedure because most health insurances don’t cover hair transplants. It is also important to find the best place to undergo a hair transplant. European countries may cost high prices, but some countries like Turkey can offer you the same quality at an affordable price. You can get any hair transplant surgery at the cost of between $3,000 and $15,000.

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