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Menopause and Hair Loss

Menopause is one of the biological processes that every woman will experience sometimes in their life. Women experience menopause an averagely after the age of 45. In menopause, there can be some physical and hormonal changes in your body. Hair loss is one of the physical changes due to hormonal changes.

Hair loss usually can be a consequence of some stressful event, fever-based illnesses, aging, heredity, and hormonal changes. It is normal to lose a hundred hair in a day but, if you noticed that you are losing more than a hundred, you should see a dermatologist because it is important to early diagnose for hair loss treatment.

Usually, your body stops producing female hormones like estrogen and begins to produce some male hormones in menopause. These hormonal changes make a disturbance in the hormone levels. Thus, you may notice that some facial hair appears and hair falling.

How to prevent menopausal hair loss?

  • Consuming foods that include monounsaturated oils, vitamin B6, and folic acid supplements, are important to prevent menopausal hair loss. Because you can avoid hair loss with these foods, and these foods also help the growth of your hair.
  • You should avoid stressful events. Minimizing stress levels is an essential part of preventing hair loss.
  • Exercise can be shown as a key to a healthy life. Exercising will provide you a healthy life in your whole life. Exercising may reduce stress levels and keep your hormones in balance. So, it is useful for preventing hair loss.
  • As we mentioned before, it is important to early diagnose for hair loss treatment. Thus, you should talk to a dermatologist as soon as you notice hair loss.

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