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FUE Hair Transplant Growth Stages

Treatment of baldness is possible with several methods. However, the FUE method has the highest achievement rate among the treatment methods. Although the FUE method is the most successful and technological treatment method, the treatment process requires some patience. Let’s look at the FUE hair transplant stages:

  1. The First Telogen
    • Surprisingly, the first stage of growth after a hair transplant procedure is the shedding of hairs. The shedding caused by the stress of each follicle when it is removed and reinserted. This stage may look bad, but it helps stronger hair follicles to grow.
  2. Anagen
    • Anagen is the growth stage. At this stage, the patient will see the new hairs beginning to grow.
  3. Catagen
    • Mainly, catagen is the stage where the growth of hair will stop. At this stage, the hair follicles become immobile for a while, but at this stage, you are unlikely to experience any hair loss.
  4. The Second Telogen
    • After around 2 weeks from the Catagen stage, the patient will reach the final stage. This stage will end around 3 or 4 months depending on the patient’s hair follicles. The patient can experience some shedding again.
    • After this stage, the Exogen phase of hair growth which is an extension of the telogen stage will begin.

As a result, although FUE offers a technological solution, patients need to pay attention to the treatment stages patiently, during the treatment process.

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